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BC’s resource economy: is it sustainable?

Today’s focus is on British Columbia’s resource economy. Although I’ll be talking about British Columbia in particular, the same issues come up in various guises across North America wherever the large-scale extraction of natural resources is economically important.

My two guests are Marc Lee, Senior Economist with the BC office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and Karen Cooling, long-time labour and environmental activist retired from Unifor. My first conversation with Marc focuses on the current state of BC’s extraction economy, looking in particular at LNG development. In the second part, I speak to Karen about the relationship between unions and the environmental movement in BC, partly from a personal perspective.

A few links stemming from the podcast:

  1. Climate Justice Project at the CCPA
  2. Marc on LNG: “Bad economics and bad for the climate
  3. Critical takes on BC’s carbon tax from Marc and myself
  4. Unions and Environmentalists: Get It Together!“, Jane McAlevey

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