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CLC Convention 2014 fall-out


This week’s convention of the Canadian Labour Congress was more eventful than it has been in some time. There was a change of leadership and an energy palpable even from afar via social media. Of course, four days of convention does not a labour movement make and so today I’ve gathered together three guests to sum up what the convention means in the context of broader labour trends, for young worker and for grassroots organizing.

To put this convention and, in particular, the charged election in context, I speak with Larry Savage. Larry is the Director of the Centre for Labour Studies at Brock University and has edited several collections on the structures and politics of labour in Canada.

Next, I have a conversation on the convention from the perspective of a young worker with Carly Sonier, a Unifor member and newly elected Vice-President for Young Workers at the CLC.

Finally, seeing as grassroots, rank-and-file activism was responsible for so much of the energy at the convention, I speak with David Bush, editor at for some perspective on how this convention fits into grassroots organizing.

Here are links to some of the items mentioned in the podcast:

  1. Larry Savage is one of the people behind the Rethinking Labour project that studies labour in Canada
  2. Hassan Yussuf published an open letter to the Canadian labour movement before the convention
  3. Hassan Husseini’s Take Back CLC campaign that is slated to continue after the convention
  4. Baristas Rise Up, a young worker-focused organizing campaign out of Halifax

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